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Dan Ljungberg

Dan Ljungberg
Dan Ljungberg joined Pillir as the Director of Solution Engineering after spending years working within the low-code world. He has deep experience guiding customers to success on their low code digital transformation journey, with a keen focus on how low code and SAP best intersect in an enterprise's IT ecosystem. Dan earned his Bachelor's degree in Physics from Oberlin College, Ohio. He currently resides near the beach in sunny San Diego, CA.

Appgyver vs. Pillir: How to evaluate SAP Low-Code/No-Code Solution

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on October 22, 2021

In early 2021, SAP announced that it had acquired no-code platform AppGyver. Since the news broke, Pillir users and businesses researching low-code/no-code platforms for their operations have been asking, AppGyver vs.  Pillir, “What’s the...

When and When Not to Use SAP Fiori Apps

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on October 6, 2021


How To Extend Your SAP Supply Chain Management

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on August 31, 2021

Businesses would be hard-pressed to think of another time when they’ve faced the number and severity of supply chain disruptions occurring today. A White House blog on the topic describes the perfect storm creating unprecedented...

Mendix vs OutSystems vs Pillir: Find the Right Low-Code Solution

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on July 6, 2021

“Low-code” means different things to different people – and to different software engineers. For example, take a comparison of Mendix vs. OutSystems vs. Pillir. They are three great platforms, but they are also three very different...

Your Guide to Offline Mobile Application Development

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on April 22, 2021

Offline Mobile App Development

Offline mobile application development addresses a significant need for SAP users. We have all learned to rely on internet connectivity in our daily lives. Similarly, businesses are relying on mobile or local...

13 Things to Consider With SAP Rapid Application Development Platforms

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on April 12, 2021

SAP Rapid Application Development (RAD) minimizes the time and expense of creating the software applications your business needs. Although an SAP implementation can streamline and automate many workflows within an operation, customization...

Low Code or RPA? Who Wins?

Posted by Dan Ljungberg on February 11, 2021

Today more than ever businesses aim to work smarter and more efficiently, transforming their technology to best serve their business needs. There are many new technologies, tools and hyped buzzwords all claiming to bring value to your...