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How to Optimize Mobility Solutions for Supply Chains

Due to many challenges presented by COVID-19, many industries, specifically those with complex supply chains, have begun to shift towards new approaches in operational efficiency and mobility.

In a recent article by ASUG, commentators have noted that the effects of COVID-19 on every  industry have resulted in drastic changes in operation - the likes of which no one as seen since the rise of WWII. A commentator is quoted stating, “There’s now going to be a much bigger focus on building resilience, contingency plans, and risk assessment into supply chains.”

A truer statement for supply chains during these unexpected times has yet to be stated.

However, before industries can pivot operations to focus on their resiliency, such as those struggling within the automotive industry, they need to understand how to optimize their existing mobility solutions that directly affect correlating channels of supply.

What is mobility optimization?

Simply stated, production and mobility optimization consists of assessing, exploring and executing a new business approach to mobile strategy. This provides organizations with the opportunity to assess how to increase business productivity, while determining how to reduce risk in the field.

Mobility provides any industry with the ability to maximize their production, resulting in saving cost, time and effort on all fronts. Modernized systems, such as mobile solutions created on EdgeReady Cloud, help organizations with complex workflow requirements make rapid and more accurate decisions by providing real-time information and reducing the gap between the field and headquarters.

How do you optimize productivity with mobility?

Production optimization is in high demand with present demands for operational and manufacturing shifts across all industries. To remain competitive, a new framework is required to prevent companies from becoming non-essential and mobile apps are a key aspect in this framework.

Here are the ways to help you address production optimization at every stage:
  • Recognize the Challenge. To begin recognizing new demand requirements, real-time data and streamlined, efficient processes are essential. Production surveillance resulting from rapid application creation helps decision makers quickly evaluate data collected from onsite and field environments.
  • Maximize Efficiency. Rapidly shifting demand for items, such as PPE, has caused many global industries to focus on maximizing efficiency and accommodate new, unfamiliar and demanding workflows in order to meet new demand and compensate for lost revenue. Utilizing cloud solutions that are scalable to produce mobile apps for the supply chain and can be built quickly will accommodate this need.
  • Asset Management System. Providing valuable, data-driven insight, a properly customized asset management system will help to increase productivity through the ability to forecast all areas of business. A properly optimized system will also provide ample data for research that will allow for innovation and the ability for industries to refine production processes and achieve best practices through modernizing SAP ERP.

How does Pillir fit into mobility optimization?

Pillir is a low-code, cloud native, PaaS provider that specializes in enabling SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP and database customers with the ability to generate resilient, always-available, self-managing applications that work in any connectivity landscape. This provides users with the ability to modernize their workflows to meet the rapidly changing demand of today’s economy.

EdgeReady Cloud provides rapid application development with little-to-no programming and reusable objects; enabling companies to enhance speed to market and innovation. This offers users the ability to build apps quickly that integrate with their existing business system, optimize SAP ERP and enhance SAP mobility solutions within any industry.

Business system customers leverage Pillir to modernize their processes and applications in weeks - regardless of connectivity, device or back end system. Pillir’s offline capabilities are uniquely patented and offer the ability to rapidly enhance mobility solutions.

For a limited time, Pillir is offering a free, 30-day trial of EdgeReady Cloud for any ERP user. 

With no strings attached, contact our team to schedule time to discuss your use case and download your free trial.

Tyler Young

Tyler Young

Tyler is an SAP technical lead with Pillir. Tyler holds a bachelor of computer science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She resides in Arizona with her partner and a cute puppy.