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How Pillir and ASUG Drive Innovation in SAP

With a continuous focus on modernization within the ERP world, many SAP customers are placing more value on low code application development to help enhance and advance their SAP systems.

Low code application development is a software development approach to coding that allows users to create and manage applications quickly with minimal manual coding required -  automating the creation of web apps in a manner that makes their creation both quick and effective. Low code application development for SAP ERP provides an innovative and cost-effective approach for SAP Customers and low code solutions like EdgeReady Cloud can provide visibility into TCO and time spent on building and maintaining applications to further increase the ability to modernize SAP ERP. Sounds great, right?

With this new modernization approach and constantly changing trends in development, its obvious that a community of like-minded professional who are also seeking best practices to modernize SAP ERP systems, with mechanisms such as low-code, would be beneficial.  

America’s SAP Users Group (ASUG), an almost 30 year old community of over 130,000 SAP-tenured professionals, provides SAP customers with a trusted, meaningful community to interact with, share stories amongst, and learn from on a daily basis — all while conversing about cost-effective and time-saving strategies such as low code application development solutions like EdgeReady Cloud.

In this blog, the value of Pillir’s solutions, in conjunction with ASUG’s community value will be highlighted, along with how this partnership helps save SAP Customer time and money while enhancing their SAP experience and knowledge.

Who is ASUG?

Before emphasizing the value that ASUG and Pillir can provide companies globally, it’s first critical to explain the “who”.

ASUG was founded in 1991 by and for customers—SAP customers came together and recognized the value of sharing their experiences and learning from each other year-round. Since the 90s, the ASUG community has grown to over 130,000 members across thousands of organizations.

ASUG is a community of learning from others and sharing technological advice through different initiatives, focus areas, events on and offline, and growing connections through an expansive SAP network.

Through networking with other individuals and organizations in the ASUG community, companies are able to uniquely get more out of their SAP investment. Additionally, community members of ASUG come from a wide range of industries, locations, roles, and SAP expertise, so exclusivity has never been a hindrance to joining. With diversity, no matter what issues arise in an SAP project, ASUG members can find resource to find guidance along the journey.

ASUG regularly offers workshops, training sessions and valuable insights from fellow members. Expert training is at the forefront of what ASUG values for its members.

SAP Customers Discover the Value of Pillir’s Solutions in the ASUG Community

Now that the value of ASUG has been emphasized, it’s important to note how ASUG members can take advantage of partner solutions like EdgeReady Cloud.

At Pillir, innovation, combined with the goal of saving costs and time spent on modernization, has always been at the forefront. Utilizing low-code application development, EdgeReady Cloud was created to optimize cloud scalability, resiliency, and security.

EdgeReady applications, custom-created on EdgeReady Cloud, are hosted as SaaS apps with pre-built features, allowing for users to generate apps with little-to-no programming. This cloud platform helps increase speed-to-market, while also modernizing any legacy applications to a cloud-based, SaaS application in minutes.

Additionally, with low-code application development as an alternative to hiring experienced coders, EdgeReady Cloud enables companies to meet a growing demand for digital transformation through features such as their drag-and-drop interface. This feature provides an easy way to create web apps without the heavy costs of hiring coding experts to build necessary foundations, and allows you to innovate SAP rapidly.

But how can a company determine if EdgeReady Cloud will be effective for their use case?

Pillir’s solution is invaluable for a several reasons:

  • Pillir supports a low-cost phased approach to innovate SAP with EdgeReady Cloud by taking costs that were reserved for keeping the lights on and funneling them into innovation - lowering SAP customer’s TCO and increasing speed to market.
  • ERP customers leverage Pillir to modernize their processes and applications in weeks - regardless of connectivity, device or back end system. Pillir’s offline capabilities are uniquely patented and offer the ability to rapidly enhance mobility solutions.
  • EdgeReady Cloud offers drag-and-drop interfaces that boost the agility of applications, making them more reliable and efficient. This efficiency causes margin for error to be significantly reduced, providing the automation needed to have a successful product and increasing speed to market.

In summary, Pillir provides a valuable experience for SAP customers and the initiatives of their company by modernizing manual workflows to become more efficient - offering an easy-to-use drag and drop interfaces and saving time and money with rapid innovation.

Interested in learning more? Check out our solutions today or schedule a use case call and receive Pillir's newest ABAP discovery and TCO analyzation app, NANCI for free.

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia Santis

Cecilia is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Pillir and loves to write about emerging technologies.